Crown Lengthening: More Than Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Crown Lengthening Treatments Beyond Cosmetic Purposes

Does your smile hide behind excessive gum tissue? Or perhaps a broken tooth needs a dental crown, but there’s not enough healthy structure exposed? You might be surprised to learn that a procedure called crown lengthening can address both these concerns and more! 

At Revive Dental, Dr. Levine and Dr. Moffett are skilled dentists in Tamarac, FL, who use minimally invasive techniques to achieve functional and aesthetic improvements. Call us today at 954-722-1100 to learn how crown lengthening can benefit your smile.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

middle-aged man smiling at his dental visitThe crown is the visible portion of your tooth. Crown lengthening involves removing gum and bone tissue around the tooth to expose more of the crown. This can be necessary for several reasons:

  • To Facilitate Restorative Procedures: If a tooth needs a crown or a filling below the gumline, there may not be enough natural tooth structure. Crown lengthening exposes more of the tooth, allowing for a proper restoration.
  • To Improve Gum Health: Excessive gum tissue can make it difficult to clean your teeth properly, leading to gum disease. Crown lengthening can expose more of the tooth surface for easier cleaning.

Beyond Aesthetics: The Functional Benefits of Crown Lengthening

The crown is the visible portion of your tooth. Crown lengthening gently removes excess gum and bone tissue to expose more of the crown. This can be crucial for several reasons:

  • Restorative Dentistry: If a tooth needs a crown or filling but lacks sufficient healthy structure, crown lengthening exposes more teeth for a secure restoration.
  • Enhanced Gum Health: Excessive gum tissue can make proper cleaning difficult, increasing the risk of gum disease. Crown lengthening exposes more tooth surfaces for easier cleaning and better gum health.

Minimally Invasive Techniques for Maximum Comfort

young woman getting her teeth examined at the dentistOur dentists prioritize patient comfort with minimally invasive techniques:

  • Laser Precision: Dental lasers offer precise incisions that heal faster and with less discomfort than traditional scalpels.
  • Teamwork Efficiency: Dr. Levine and Dr. Moffett are assisted by a skilled team during the procedure, ensuring efficiency and reducing treatment time for a smoother experience.

More Than Just a Gummy Smile Solution

While crown lengthening can address a gummy smile for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, its applications extend far beyond:

  • Functional Focus: This ensures enough healthy tooth structure for long-lasting crowns and fillings, promoting optimal oral health. Our dentists’ unique “biologic shaping” technique reshapes tissues for a natural-looking outcome.
  • Improved Cavity Treatment: Cavities below the gumline can be effectively treated once the area is exposed through crown lengthening.

Invest in a Smile that’s Both Healthy and Confident

Crown lengthening can improve oral health by enabling proper restorative procedures and promoting better gum hygiene. Additionally, it can enhance the appearance of your smile by correcting a gummy smile and creating a more even gumline.

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