Facial Rejuvenation with BOTOX® & Juvederm®

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Fast Treatments for Beautiful, Younger Looking Skin

In addition to comprehensive periodontal services, our office is proud to offer both Botox and Juvederm cosmetic skin treatments. With Botox, you can rid yourself of the frown lines and crow’s feet that can age your smile. Juvederm helps eliminate wrinkles and add volume to your face for a younger, more vibrant appearance.

Botox® Treatment for Rejuvenated Eyes

Botox treatment directly targets the muscle activity underneath your skin that is responsible for crow’s feet around your eyes and wrinkles and furrows in your brow. When you squint, frown or concentrate your attention, these muscles contract. Over the years, this creates wrinkles and folds that age your appearance. We will gently inject these muscles with Botox formula to temporarily relax them. Within the next 72 hours, you will start to see noticeable smoothing around your eyes and between your brows. Botox treatment can take years off your appearance, and the rejuvenating effect generally lasts three to six months.

Juvederm® Skin Treatment

The appearance of lines and wrinkles coincides with aging, which also often leads to mid-face volume loss. The cheeks may flatten and the skin begins to sag. Juvederm can restore smoothness and volume to the face for a brighter and more youthful appearance. The Juvederm line is a collection of dermal fillers made from a natural substance in the skin. The fillers are gently injected into areas you wish to rejuvenate—such as your cheeks, lips or wrinkled areas. These fillers provide nutrients, add volume and help your skin retain moisture and softness. The results of the treatment can last up to two years.

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