Cosmetic Gum Dentistry, Part 2

FAQ’s About Gum Cosmetic Dentistry, Part 2

This article, part 2 of 2, explores some of the questions frequently asked about the variety of cosmetic procedures that focus upon the aesthetics of the soft tissues surrounding the teeth; the gums.
In our previous article post, we began answering some of the questions Dr. Levine is frequently asked by patients interested in learning about the different procedures available for the improvement of gum aesthetics. Since the appearance of the gums – the soft tissue surrounding the teeth – is as important to the overall quality of your smile as the color and shape of your teeth, it is valuable to learn that there are many procedures offered  that can correct an uneven gum line, exposed tooth roots, gummy smiles and other cosmetic imperfections.
Question: I have recently noticed the roots of my teeth are becoming more and more exposed, making my teeth look really long. How can the cosmetic dentist Dr. Levine help improve the appearance of my smile?

Cosmetic dentistry

Answer: If the cause behind the recession of the gum line is not bacterial infection or gum disease, then the cosmetic dentist Dr. Levine can graft a specially formulated tissue onto the exposed root/s. This dermal graft material is essentially freeze dried tissue that is used to create a framework over the exposed tooth roots, which encourages the growth of new and healthy gum tissue. This negates the need to take the donor tissue from the patient’s palate, removing an important element of discomfort associated with the procedure. The results are fantastic, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but covering up the exposed roots also alleviates sensitivity and protects this vulnerable part of the tooth from bacteria and infection.
Cosmetic dentistry Question: My gums look like they’ve swallowed my teeth! It’s been a problem I’ve had since childhood. What can Dr. Levine do to give me a more normal-looking smile?
Answer: Once again, Dr. Levine will first rule out an oral bacterial infection or gum disease as the cause behind your abnormally extended gums. Crown lengthening is a straight-forward procedure used to remove excess tissue and reveal more of the tooth crown underneath. Dr. Levine can achieve an even gum line and a normal tooth-to-gum ratio leaving your smile looking completely natural and healthy.
Question: Are the procedures offered by Dr. Levine painful? I’m really nervous!
Answer: The great thing about modern dentistry and the services offered by Dr. Levine is that pain and discomfort really aren’t problems anymore! With the help of sedative medication and anesthesia, patients can have all kinds of work done on their teeth and gums without feeling any pain or anxiety. Furthermore, the sophisticated technology and techniques used to achieve better aesthetic results are minimally invasive, which means far less post-operative pain and discomfort for the patient.
A Final Note from Dr. Levine
Gum imperfections can have a devastating effect upon the overall quality of your smile. With a simple procedure, Dr. Levine can restore symmetry and evenness to achieve a natural and beautiful smile.