I Want My Smile Back – Dental Implants and What You Should Know

Smiles are amazing, a smile can make someone feel better when they see it. A smile can put a person at ease or make them feel a little more cheery. Simply put, smiles attract smiles because they’re contagious.

So it’s understandable when people begin to feel less confident in their smile when they’re missing a tooth, it can lower one’s confidence. Some may avoid showing their teeth while having a conversation face-to-face and others, if they’re really self conscious, may stop smiling altogether. In general, missing teeth can cause complications with your dental health.

In the past, after losing a tooth, your options would include a fixed bridge or removable dentures. However, fixed bridges would rely on neighboring healthy teeth as an anchor; which could negatively affect your teeth in the long run. Removable dentures can slip and may make sounds when you speak.

Luckily, there are ways to improve your smile and undergoing a dental implant procedure is one of the most efficient solutions in modern medicine. In this article, we will discuss an incredible solution you can use to maintain a beautiful smile.

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Advantages of Tooth Implants

Trusted – Today, tooth replacement with a dental implant has become a trusted solution, all you need is a good periodontist. Here are some things you should know about tooth implants before you have tooth replacement surgery.

Natural Fit – Dental implants undoubtedly provide you with a range of benefits. First of all, you get your confidence back. Tooth implants look natural, they’re long-lasting reliable and, unlike dentures, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them. Ha!

No More Bridges – Unlike a fixed bridge, dental implants don’t rely on support from neighboring teeth. Implants are designed to support themselves, the way your real teeth do. As a results, implants help prevent other healthy teeth from decay normally associated with bridges.

Implants are convenient and easy to maintain, you can clean the same way as your natural teeth, maintaining regular dental hygiene is all that’s required.

Are You Eligible For a Tooth Implant?

Essentially, a healthy jawbone is a key indicator that you’re a good candidate for dental implants because the replacement tooth is implanted into the jaw. If you have healthy and robust jaw bones and gums, you are eligible to have a tooth implant, and it will serve you well.

Keep in mind though, that the longer you’ve been missing a tooth or teeth, the weaker and smaller your jaw bone becomes. With nothing to support, your jaw starts shrinking and can begin to collapse. The only way you can know for sure that there’s enough bone to install an implant is to X-RAY the area.

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Getting An Implant Is A Process

Once your recovery is complete, your jaw bone and an implant will be growing together which takes about 2 to 6 months. During recovery, you will be given a temporary crown which will help you chew and speak naturally.

Having a dental implant is a best solution to preserve your smile and oral health after tooth loss. Remember, it can be quite a process, but it is well worth it. With the right periodontist and little patience, you’ll find your way back to a beautiful and confidant smile.