Preparing For Your Dental Implant Evaluation? Your Periodontist Checklist.

Preparing for your implant evaluation can be a little nerve racking. On one hand, you want to restore your smile and bring back your confidence. On the other hand, you may be worried about a number of things, like the cost involved or fear and uncertainty surrounding the procedure. Knowing that you’ve chosen the right solution for your specific needs is very important.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few things you’ll want to know about picking a periodontist. You’ll also learn about things you should expect during your visit.

Picking The Right Periodontist

If you are reading this article let me be the first to say “Congratulations!” You’re almost ready to take the next step in restoring your smile. I’ll also say congratulations once more for knowing that there’s a difference between the doctor that maintains your teeth and the doctor that replaces them.

Dental implants, along with gum grafts and other periodontal procedures are usually performed by a doctor who specializes in each. More specifically, orthodontists, periodontists and endodontists are the doctors who your dentist would refer you to if you needed specific kinds of work done. All of the doctors mentioned work together to preserve or restore your oral health.

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If you’ve already received a referral from your dentist or if you’re looking for a second opinion, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a capable Periodontist:

  • Experience – You’ll want a periodontist with experience and presence in the industry. Google is a great place to start when searching for reviews and comments that may provide insight into the quality of work a particular periodontist is capable of.
  • Staff – Choose an office where you feel less like a patient and more like a member family. You’ve probably had an experience where the person greeting you at the counter says “We’ll be right with you” before you’ve even had a change to say hello. First impressions are everything. Sometimes you’ll even find that the staff places more of a priority on your wallet than they do on your overall experience. With patience, you’ll find an office with staff that shows you what dedication to service looks like.
  • Equipment – Choose a doctor who is equipped to perform the task at hand. For instance, laser therapy is the top of the line in terms of oral surgery nowadays. With lasers, dentists and periodontists alike have become more efficient and their treatments more effective. What you should look for is an office with up-to-date technology.

What To You Should Expect

  • Understand Your Benefits – Insurance benefits can often be confusing. You’ll want to understand what’s covered and what isn’t. Ideally, you’ll want to find someone who can help you make sense of it all. If you’re lucky, your periodontist will do the leg work for you. A complimentary insurance check can save you a lot of time and energy. If you would prefer to do the legwork yourself you’ll need the medical codes associated with your procedure. We will go further in depth in another article.
  • Out of Network/Out of Pocket – No one wants to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses and we all know why. Sometimes it’s easier to avoid receiving vital medical treatment than to pay the high costs that are often involved. It’s important for you to know that you have options. Depending on the office you choose, you’ll speak with a patient coordinator. You coordinator should have multiple solutions for managing out-of-pocket expenses should they arise; and they most often do.

When it’s all said and done, it’s your health and it’s your money. You have the right, and maybe even the obligation, to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Be prepared, exercise your right to choose, weigh all of your options and try to remember what’s most important, your smile.