Quit Smoking – For Your Oral Health, PART 3

The Effects of Smoking on Your Oral Health, PART 3 This four-part article series explores the connection between tobacco-use and the health, aesthetics and longevity of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth. In the previous two article posts, we explored the many terrible effects of tobacco-use upon one’s oral health, from bad breath […]


Helping Yourself Heal

Helping Yourself Heal Description: Growth factors, from your own blood, enable our patients to have better healing and less discomfort from our procedures.


What You Didn’t Know About Your Teeth, PART 2

This article, part 2 of 2, presents five interesting facts about oral health and hygiene. In the previous article post, we had a look at two interesting facts you may not have known about your teeth. The first was that sour or acidic food is as detrimental to the enamel of your teeth as a […]


Bacteria Removal Techniques

Halitosis. Sinus. Bacteria. Implant

Bacteria Removal Techniques Bacteria form a sticky colony or biofilm around your teeth. This plaque must be removed on a daily basis.  When saliva, food, and fluids mix, they form bacteria deposits, which collect where the teeth and gums meet.


Tooth Extraction – What to Expect

tooth extraction

What to Expect from a Tooth Extraction This article explores tooth extraction; why it is sometimes necessary and why it certainly isn’t a procedure to be feared and avoided. “Say Ahhh!” Yeah right, it sound so easy. Like saying “Ahhh” is simply a matter of opening your mouth and forcing the air up from your […]


Advice for Tooth Grinders

Advice for Tooth Grinders  This article provides professional treatment advice for people who suffer from Bruxism; sub-conscious teeth grinding that is generally a result of stress. Teeth grinding. You may be completely unaware that you do it, but it could lead to the very early demise of your pearly whites!  Bruxism, as the condition is […]