About Cosmetic Gum Surgery

About Cosmetic Gum Surgery

This article describes how gum cosmetic surgery can be used to greatly improve the quality of one’s smile.
When one talks about cosmetic surgery, one imagines an improvement in the appearance of one’s teeth or perhaps even the alignment of the jaw; but cosmetic gum surgery? The gums play an integral role in the appearance of one’s smile; in fact, a healthy and even gum line is as important to your smile aesthetics as straight, white teeth and a naturally occluded bite. Many patients present with gums that have encroached abnormally upon the crowns of the teeth, resulting in a ‘gummy’ smile and the appearance of small stubby teeth. Others present with gums that have receded unnaturally from the crowns of the teeth, resulting in a very ‘toothy’ equine-like grin. In both cases, we are capable of restoring a more natural and even gum line, which can completely make-over one’s quality of smile!
Crown Lengthening
Dentists generally prescribe crown lengthening to patients who present with a ‘gummy’ smile (see pictures). The procedure simply involves the removal of the excess strip of gum tissue that covers the crowns of the teeth. It is important to note that in many cases the cause of unnatural encroachment of the gums on the teeth is an oral bacterial infection. Inflammation and swelling can actually cause the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’ and it is in these cases that crown lengthening would be ineffectual. Dentists therefore always strive to first and foremost ascertain the cause of abnormal gum encroachment prior to prescribing a cosmetic solution. Should the cause be bacterial infection, as is consistent with gingivitis or periodontal (gum) disease, it is in the very best interests of the patient and the longevity of their smile quality that the solution provided is periodontal treatment. Once the infection has been eliminated, the swelling should subside, exposing more of the tooth structure and rendering the smile more natural.
Gum Grafts
 Cosmetic Gum SurgeryIn cases where the gum has unnaturally receded from the crowns of the teeth, exposing the darker root beneath, gum grafts can be placed to encourage the growth of new and healthy tissue. This is done by the dentist who place freeze dried tissue over the exposed root. Your own natural cellular network then grows over the framework provided by the graft, providing proper root coverage (see pictures). As with the crown lengthening procedure, your dentist is going to want to ascertain the reason behind your unnatural gum aesthetics. One of the symptoms of an acute and chronic oral bacterial infection (periodontitis) is an unnaturally receded gum line, so your dentist will confirm that this terrible oral affliction does not play any role before providing a purely cosmetic solution.
Cosmetic Gum Surgery: A Final Note
 In cases where genetics have dictated that a patient inherit an unnatural and unaesthetic gum line, dentistry offers cosmetic surgical solutions that are simple and straight-forward and yield fantastic results. If you ever doubted the impact your gums had upon the appearance of your smile, then simply refer to the above featured before and after images!