Advanced Technology

We use the latest in advanced technology for accurate diagnosis, precise planning and minimally invasive treatment. Look below and learn what we use to ensure you receive the highest-quality care and the most stable, long-lasting results.

  • Cone Beam 3D CT Scanner

    3D CT scanerOur cone beam 3D CT scanner takes a continuous series of digital X-rays in a 360-degree circle around your head. These digital impressions are computer-processed into crisp 3D views of your teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. The images can be viewed from any angle and show minute details not available in any other type of X-ray.

  • Digital X-Rays

    DigitalXrayWe use digital X-rays to capture high-resolution views of your teeth and jaw. Our system emits only 15 to 20 percent of the radiation transmitted by traditional X-ray equipment. It produces highly detailed images that are much clearer than film X-rays and are available immediately. Dr. Levine can magnify them, change contrast and colorize them as desired to enhance details or zoom in on select areas for closer inspection.

  • Panoramic X-Rays

    panoramic-x-ray-smallOur cone beam 3D CT scanner also takes two-dimensional panoramic X-rays. Panoramic X-Rays capture a highly detailed image of your entire mouth and clearly show your teeth and sinuses in one panoramic overview. They are a valuable supplementary tool for a comprehensive analysis of your oral health, as they help us see features not visible with limited X-rays.

  • Digital Intraoral and Extraoral Camera

    intraoralCamerasOur digital intraoral and extraoral cameras take crisp digital photos of the inside and outside of your mouth, and enable us to have clear views of your teeth, gums and smile. These photos are taken during your new patient exam and provide additional information for diagnostics, smile evaluation and treatment planning.

  • Implant Planning Software

    Carestream-8100-imageFor dental implant treatment, Dr. Levine and Dr. Moffett use special 3D software to plan the exact position, depth and angle of each implant. Using this technology, he is able to place your implants where the bone is of the highest density and volume, and thus able to provide the best support. He also plans out any bone grafting ahead of time.

  • Surgical Guides

    SICAT-Surgical-GuidesmallDr. Levine and Dr. Moffett use implant planning software to design and manufacture a surgical guide. A surgical guide is a template that fits over your dental arch and marks exactly where and at what angle your implants are to be placed.  A surgical guide guarantees accuracy and makes procedures faster when placing multiple implants.

  • Electric Handpiece

    electricHandpieceDr. Levine and Dr. Moffett use an electric handpiece (drill) for placing dental implants. This instrument is not only quieter than regular dental drills: the speed and strength of rotation can be precisely controlled and adjusted to each patient’s needs. This fine-tuning makes placing implants faster and less invasive than when it is performed with traditional drills.

  • Implant Stability Meter

    osstell-We use a specially designed meter to determine when it is safe to load an implant with a crown, bridge or denture. This device uses magnetic pulses to assess the level of bone integration around the implant.

    Bone integration is a direct index of implant stability and ability to handle bite forces. This system takes the guesswork out of placing restorations and often allows us to load implants earlier than he would have without this precise verification.

  • Ultrasonic Surgery Device

    ultrasonicScalpelOur team uses an ultrasonic surgical device to penetrate and sculpt hard surfaces and bone. This instrument generates a controlled micro-vibration that precisely carves bone but does not affect surrounding tissues. Use of the ultrasonic device makes surgeries accurate and much less invasive than when they are performed with traditional instruments.

  • Ultrasonic Scalers

    ultrasonicScaler5Our hygienists use ultrasonic scalers to gently and efficiently remove accumulated bacterial plaque and calculus from your teeth. It uses high-frequency vibrations to break up these deposits fast and thoroughly. The vibrations also kill the disease-causing bacteria lodged in the deposits. Ultrasonic scalers are gentler on the teeth and more comfortable for patients than traditional instruments.

  • Water-Cooled Dental Laser

    waterlaseAn advanced dental laser known as the Biolase® Waterlase is used for periodontal procedures. The Waterlase includes an adjustable water spray that provides a cooling effect during use. Because the laser precisely targets tissues and cauterizes while it operates, healing is fast and there is little to no post-treatment swelling or discomfort.

  • BioLase® ezLase Dental Laser

    ezlase_in_handThe Biolase ezLase soft-tissue laser is used when the doctor performs gentle biostimulation known as low-level laser therapy. When the laser is applied to treated tissues, swelling and discomfort is reduced and healing is accelerated. Low-level laser therapy is done as part of bone grafting, implant placement, and gum disease treatment.

  • DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System

    image of a dental vibe®We use the DentalVibe system to make injections extremely gentle. The DentalVibe is a handheld device that has two small, mildly vibrating arms that are placed over your gums. The mild vibrations travel into the gums and block any sensation of the injection, making it virtually painless.

  • Identafi® Oral Cancer Screening Device

    Identafi1We use the Identafi® oral cancer screening system to detect abnormal oral tissues, including precancerous or cancerous growths. The Identafi device shines three different colors of light into the mouth in succession. The lights show tissue irregularities that are not visible to the naked eye. With the Identafi system, we can zero in on any abnormality and determine if it shows signs of serious disease or oral cancer.

  • Surgical Magnification Eyeglasses

    loupes5X magnification eyeglasses, called surgical loupes, provides our dentists with a highly detailed view of small areas. With this level of magnification, he can perform delicate procedures in tiny spaces with great precision, making treatment much less invasive.

Advanced Teeth Cleaning and Polishing System

Our hygienists use a jet spray dental cleaning appliance to thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. The device shoots a high-pressure jet of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water to eliminates stains from coffee and smoking and other hard-to-clean substances. It also flushes the minute crevices that brushing, flossing and other dental instruments cannot reach.

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