Teeth Whitening in Tamarac

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Brighten Your Teeth and Rejuvenate Your Smile!

cosmetic_before and afterSince tooth enamel is porous, coloring or staining substances in food and tobacco can penetrate into the enamel, often far below the surface. Aging and certain medications can also affect enamel’s color and clarity. These things can cause your teeth to become yellow, stained or darkened over time and mar the appearance of your smile.

Teeth whitening is a fast and simple way to dramatically improve your smile. We provide top-quality in-office teeth whitening using the Zoom QuickPro system. We also furnish excellent home whitening kits, with customized trays and professional-grade whitening gel, so you can whiten your teeth conveniently at home on your own schedule.

Why Get Professional Teeth Whitening?

There are many teeth whitening products available outside of dental offices today. However, these whitening formulas usually do not have the strength to remove anything deeper than surface stains.

Only dentists are allowed to provide whitening products that are strong enough to remove the buried stains in the microcracks of tooth enamel. Our whitening systems penetrates deeply into your teeth and eliminates the toughest stains.

Zoom QuickPro In-Office Whitening

Philips ZoomZoom QuickPro, is a professional-grade in-office teeth whitening system. QuickPro uses a breakthrough two-layer technology that has been clinically proven to brighten teeth up to four shades in just 10 minutes.

A powerful whitening varnish is applied to your teeth as the first layer, followed by a sealant layer that dries in seconds and locks the whitening agent in the teeth. You can leave the chair after the two layers are applied. After waiting 30 minutes, you remove the varnish by wiping it off with a cloth or brushing your teeth.

Zoom Take-Home Professional Whitening System

We also offer Zoom take-home whitening gel for convenient at-home application. Take-home whitening can be done by itself or as a booster to enhance the results you achieved with your in-office treatment. The take-home gel contains a unique formula which improves luster, reduces sensitivity and provides enamel protection as it whitens. It is ideal for repeated use.

We will take impressions of your teeth and make customized whitening trays for you. Once you receive your trays, we will give you full instructions on how to apply the gel, and how often and how long to wear the trays.

$99 In-Office Teeth Whitening

Take advantage of our teeth whitening offer to get Zoom QuickPro professional, in-office teeth whitening for only $99!

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