About the Practice

Our warm and friendly staff are here to take care of all your periodontal needs.

Expert Periodontal, Dental Implant and Gum Disease Treatment

As a periodontist, Dr. Levine is a highly trained specialist in treating problems relating to the gums, bone and other tissues surrounding your teeth. He is also a specialist in placing dental implants to replace teeth that are missing or beyond repair.

We opened our office in Tamarac in 1976. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to providing optimum and comprehensive periodontal care for all ages in a comfortable environment. Dr. Levine and Dr. Moffett stay on the cutting edge of modern technology to provide the best possible results. This includes the use of dental lasers for minimally invasive gum procedures and 3D imaging for precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Skilled, Experienced Periodontist

We use high-tech dental lasers to provide comfortable treatment.

Dr. Levine has been practicing periodontics since 1971. He has completed extensive postgraduate training beyond his specialist degree to provide the highest quality care. He has numerous advanced certifications in dental implant treatment from several the most renowned institutes in the United States. He has also received specialty certifications in the use of dental lasers.

In addition to treating patients in private practice, Dr. Levine has served as an educator of other dental practitioners for over 40 years. He taught periodontics as a faculty member at three Florida universities, and continues to teach implant dentistry and other periodontal procedures as a Florida continuing education provider.

Welcome, Dr. Gabriela Moffett! 

Dr. Moffett is a highly skilled general and cosmetic dentist offering a comprehensive range of dental services, including cosmetic smile design, restorative dentistry, and tongue-tie frenectomy for infants.

Comprehensive Periodontal Services

Dr. Levine and our hygiene staff provide a comprehensive range of services to take care of any periodontal needs you may have.  These include laser-assisted gum disease treatment, gum recession treatment, cosmetic gum treatments, and full dental implant services. We also provide gentle laser lip-tie and tongue-tie treatment for infants to help them nurse properly.

To make sure you are comfortable during long or complex procedures, we have I.V. sedation available. And for purely cosmetic enhancement, we provide expert teeth whitening.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Precise Diagnostics and Minimally Invasive Treatment

Our use of advanced technology will make your treatment precise, minimally invasive and faster-healing. Our cone beam 3D CT scanner creates crisp 3D images of the teeth and jaws. The doctors use the images to accurately assess the state of your oral health and to meticulously plan treatment.

For dental implant treatment, we use special planning software and a surgical guide to aid in accurate and efficient implant placement. We also use high-magnification eyeglasses, surgical loupes, when rendering treatment. The loupes allows Dr. Levine and Dr. Moffett to work with great precision in tiny spaces.

When sculpting or penetrating bone, the doctors utilize a piezoelectric ultrasonic surgery device. This instrument generates micro-vibrations that precisely and gently carve bone while leaving surrounding soft tissues unaffected.

Lasers are used for most of our gum treatment procedures. Our hygienists use ultrasonic scalers for effective and comfortable maintenance cleanings.

Warm, Caring Service

Our friendly hygienists will educate you on home oral care and answer any questions you may have.

Our staff are warm and welcoming and will make you feel right at home. They make sure your visits are efficient and pleasant, and are always happy to take care of your needs or answer any questions.

Dr. Levine is known for his friendly and reassuring chairside manner, and his genuine care for his patients. He will take the time to get to know you and find out about your goals for your oral health. He will carefully explain the details of each procedure so that you know what to expect and can feel at ease about your treatment.

Keeping You Comfortable at All Times

We make your comfort a top priority, and it starts from the moment you enter our office. When you come for your appointment, you and any guest can feel free to visit our refreshment bar in reception and enjoy our assorted drinks and freshly baked cookies.

To ensure your treatment is comfortable from the start, we use a DentalVibe® vibration device to block any uncomfortable sensations from injections and make them virtually painless.

In the treatment room, we offer you your choice of music or soothing sounds to help you relax. For added comfort in the dental chair, we provide blankets, pillows and massage pads. We also have I.V. sedation available to help with severe anxiety or to make it easier to undergo long procedures.

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