Gum Disease Treatment in Tamarac

Expert Gum Disease Treatment in Southern Florida

As a specialist in gum disease, Dr. Levine provides highly accurate diagnoses and minimally invasive, effective treatment.

High-Tech, Gentle and Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is caused by excessive inflammation resulting from a continuous bacterial infection. Infection and inflammation irritate the gums, causing them to detach from the teeth. This allows bacteria to go deeper into the gum tissues. Due to toxic waste products from these bacteria, the gum and supporting bone is gradually broken down.

Gum disease progresses from “gingivitis,” inflamed and bleeding gums only, to “periodontitis,” the detachment of gums from the teeth and progressive bone loss. If allowed to continue too long, tooth roots can decay, teeth can loosen and eventually be lost. Gum disease has been linked to serious health conditions in other parts of the body, so it is vital to treat it early and effectively.

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Highly Trained and Experienced Gum Disease Specialist

Dr. Levine is a highly trained and experienced specialist in the diagnosis and effective treatment of gum disease. This includes treating and correcting any damage to the teeth, jawbone and gum tissue that has resulted from the disease. Dr. Levine incorporates the latest developments in dental technology to make your treatment minimally invasive and comfortable.

Dr. Levine employs gentle treatment methods to get the needed results. He uses nonsurgical laser therapy and other minimally invasive procedures to correct gum disease, even in severe cases. Traditional periodontal surgery is rarely needed. Patients frequently comment that their treatment was gentle and more comfortable than they had anticipated.

A team approach for maximum efficiency and comfort

To maximize efficiency and patient comfort, Dr. Levine performs all gum disease procedures with two to three assistants present. This greatly lessens the duration of procedures without sacrificing anything in terms of precision or quality of treatment. Shorter procedures are more comfortable for patients. They also result in faster healing with less discomfort.

Complimentary New Patient Exam

If you suspect you have gum disease, come and see us for a Complimentary New Patient Exam. Dr. Levine will tell you whether you have gum disease, how far it has progressed, and exactly how it can be eliminated. Your appointment will include:

  • Thorough oral exam, including periodontal probing, oral cancer screening and bite and jaw function check
  • Review of your medical and dental history
  • Full-mouth X-rays
  • Panoramic X-ray, if needed
  • Intraoral and extraoral photos
  • MySmile evaluation
  • Personalized treatment plan

(up to $465 value)

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Skilled, High-Tech Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Levine uses cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive array of minimally invasive techniques to ensure your gum disease treatment is effective, fast-healing and comfortable.

Advanced diagnostics and treatment plan

Dr. Levine will first obtain a complete picture of the condition of your gums. We take full digital X-rays and, when needed, a state-of-the-art 3D CT scan of your teeth and jaw. From these, Dr. Levine can accurately see the level of bone support around your teeth and determine if any bone has been lost. He also gently probes the depth of the spaces between your gums and teeth to ascertain the extent of inflammation.

Based on his findings, Dr. Levine will formulate a detailed treatment plan to effectively combat the disease. He will explain every step in detail and answer all your questions. You will know exactly what to expect so you can feel comfortable about your treatment.

Oral cancer screening

Dr. Levine uses the Identafi oral cancer screening system for early detection of abnormal tissues in the mouth.

As a preliminary step, Dr. Levine performs an advanced oral cancer screening using the Identafi® diagnostic light system. The Identafi device has three different colors of light that are shined into your mouth to show tissue irregularities not visible to the naked eye. Dr. Levine can zero in on any abnormality and determine if it shows signs of serious disease or oral cancer.

Plaque assessment

We will give you a disclosing tablet with dyes to show the plaque on your teeth, so you can see which areas need more attention during your home oral care. The plaque assessment also helps us educate you on effective home oral care techniques.

Thorough deep cleaning to remove bacterial infection

Cavitron Jet PlusThe first line of attack in treating periodontitis is a thorough cleaning to remove accumulated plaque and calculus on your teeth and below your gumline. We smooth the surfaces of your tooth roots to make it more difficult for further bacteria to accumulate, and to make it easier for the gums to reattach to your teeth. This entire process is called scaling and root planing, or deep cleaning.

Our expert hygienists provide very thorough, yet gentle, deep cleanings using an ultrasonic scaler in combination with traditional hand instruments. The ultrasonic scaler emits high-frequency vibrations that gently remove the plaque and calculus. These vibrations destroy the cell walls of bacteria to kill them, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

For final stain removal and polishing, your hygienist will use a dental jet spray cleaning appliance called a Prophy-Jet®.The device shoots a high-pressure sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water stream that removes stains from coffee, smoking and other hard-to-clean substances.

Minimally invasive laser gum treatment

Dr. Levine treats even severe gum disease effectively, using a high-tech, minimally invasive dental laser.

For moderate to severe gum disease, Dr. Levine combines scaling and root planing with a minimally invasive dental laser treatment known as Laser-Assisted Periodontal Pocket Procedure (LAPPP). In LAPPP, we use a high-tech dental laser to gently remove diseased gum tissue and kill bacteria.

The laser has an adjustable water spray that cools tissues during treatment. Due to the laser’s precision, surrounding tissues are not affected. Healing is faster than with traditional surgery and there is little to no posttreatment swelling, bleeding or discomfort. Additionally, no sutures are needed at the conclusion of the procedure.

Our laser treatment can effectively treat even severe periodontitis, and it eliminates the need for traditional periodontal surgery in the vast majority of cases.

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Surgical magnification glasses

Surgical LoupesDr. Levine uses 5X-magnification glasses called surgical loupes for a highly detailed view of small areas during treatment. With this level of magnification, he can perform procedures on your gums and teeth with great precision.

Low-level laser therapy to promote healing

Dr. Levine then use a dental laser to perform low-level laser therapy on all treated tissues. The laser energy helps stimulate healing while also reducing swelling and post-treatment discomfort.

Gentle periodontal surgery

Although laser gum disease treatment can resolve most cases of gum disease, there are occasionally bacteria located so deep in the tissues around certain teeth that the laser cannot reach them. In this case, Dr. Levine will gently pull back a small piece of gum tissue to access the roots of your teeth and remove deeply buried bacterial deposits.

Gum recession treatment to restore lost gum tissue

Gum disease can cause your gums to recede and expose the roots of your teeth. If this has happened to you, we will build back a natural gumline around your teeth and restore root coverage using minimally invasive gum recession treatment.

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Bone grafting to regenerate lost bone

bonegraftBone around your teeth can be lost due to gum disease. This bone loss can sometimes be severe. As needed, Dr. Levine will regenerate lost bone using minimally invasive, state-of-the-art bone grafting procedures. In addition to placing graft material, he uses low-level laser therapy to stimulate the generation of strong, dense bone.

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Home oral care and long-term maintenance

Proper home oral care is vital for the long-term success of your gum disease treatment. One of our friendly hygienists will show you effective brushing and flossing techniques, and educate you on the best tools to use.

We will provide you with a tongue scraper, an anti-oxidant rinse and post-treatment gel to put on your gums.  Our goal is to help you keep your teeth and gums in optimum condition.

Your home oral care will need to be combined with regular professional maintenance cleanings, as even the best home care will miss deeply buried bacteria. Our hygienists are very skilled and provide excellent cleanings to keep your gums and teeth in a state of good health.

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Come and See Us

Take advantage of our Complimentary New Patient Exam to come and see Dr. Levine for a full examination, diagnosis and treatment plan. He will be able to tell you the extent of any gum disease you may have and let you know exactly how your gums and teeth can be restored to full health.

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