Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Tamarac

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We can maximize the aesthetics of your smile with skillful cosmetic gum treatment.

Expert Gum Treatment to Enhance the Beauty of Your Smile

Before and after cosmetic gum treatment.

When gum tissue covers too much of the teeth, it makes them look unnaturally short and results in a “gummy smile.” In other cases, the gumline around the teeth is uneven, or excess gum tissue causes the gums to look thick. A person’s upper lip can also fall too high in their smile and overexpose their gums, making it seem like the gums are too large when they are actually normal in size.

These situations not only affect the beauty of a patient’s smile, they make it harder in some cases to prevent decay or gum disease. As a periodontist, Dr. Levine can expertly correct your natural gumline to enhance your smile and preserve your oral health.

Skilled, minimally invasive treatment

Dr. Levine is highly skilled in cosmetic gum procedures. He makes treatment minimally invasive by using a dental laser whenever possible. Laser incisions are more precise and heal faster than incisions made with conventional surgical instruments.

Correcting a Gummy Smile

We use a high-tech dental laser to provide minimally invasive cosmetic gum treatment.

People with gummy smiles can become self-conscious about smiling, and often cover their smile or refuse to smile at all. A gummy smile, however, is not exclusively a cosmetic concern—it can also cause problems with a person’s overall oral health.

Teeth covered by too much gum are harder to clean thoroughly, making them more susceptible to decay and gum disease. It is also more difficult to treat such teeth in the event of a fracture or cavity.

Dr. Levine corrects gummy smiles by gently removing the excess gum and bone tissue covering the crowns of the teeth. He shapes the gums for a natural-looking, aesthetic smile line. Shaping could include removing excess gum tissue covering the back teeth, to make a patient’s smile look wider and fuller.

Correcting an Uneven Gumline

An uneven gumline can make your smile look lopsided, or it can make your teeth look like they have different shapes. Dr. Levine carefully recontours the gums until your entire gumline has a natural-looking, aesthetic shape and symmetry.

Correcting Gums That Are Too Thick

Gum tissue can become overgrown and thick—a condition which is often a side effect of taking certain medications. Dr. Levine gently removes excess gum tissue and brings the gums back to proper thickness. This not only reduces bulkiness, it makes it easier to comfortably fit a dental appliance or denture.

Lip Lowering

Sometimes a person’s upper lip is positioned too high in relation to the gums and teeth. The person appears to have gums that are overly large and teeth that are too low in their smile.

Dr. Levine can change the upper lip line so it rests lower and covers more of the upper gums when smiling. He uses a dental laser to correct the lip line during a minimally invasive procedure.

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