Tooth Extractions in Tamarac

Gentle, Minimally Invasive Extractions

Dr. Levine is expert at saving teeth, even when they are severely compromised. However, there are certain circumstances where a tooth cannot be saved and extraction becomes necessary.

An extraction may be needed when a tooth is too deteriorated to justify preserving it. Extraction is also done when a tooth or teeth need to be removed in preparation for dental implants, such as when replacing an entire arch of teeth with an implant-supported bridge or an implant-supported denture.

Dr. Levine uses advanced instruments and procedures to remove teeth in a minimally invasive manner that is both gentle and comfortable.

High-Tech, Nontraumatic Tooth Removal

Dr. Levine uses a special instrument to delicately disconnect the tooth from the surrounding connective tissues. A second instrument is then used to gently remove it straight up out of the socket, without any twisting motions. This method causes minimal or no damage to the surrounding tissues and creates little to no discomfort.

Very comfortable injections

Dr. Levine uses a handheld device called a DentalVibe® to administer virtually painless injections. The device produces small vibrations that block any sensation from the injection, making it very gentle and comfortable. Anesthetic is delivered in two phases to reduce its impact and thus avoid any possible discomfort.

Amenities to help you relax

Assistant laying blanket for patient

Our friendly staff will keep you comfortable during your treatment.

We will play your choice of music or soothing sounds in the treatment room to help you relax during your procedure. We have blankets, pillows and massage pads available for added comfort in the treatment chair.

For patients who need extra help with anxiety, we have various sedation options available. After consulting with you, Dr. Levine will let you know which option is right for you.

Socket Preservation

Due to natural biological processes, after a tooth extraction the surrounding jawbone can greatly diminish in volume, making it more difficult to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant in the future. Dr. Levine performs a simple procedure, known as socket preservation, to prevent this from occurring.

After extracting a tooth, the doctor cleans and sterilizes the socket with a dental laser. He then fills the empty socket with bone graft material to stimulate new bone growth. Regenerated bone will preserve the height and thickness of the jaw ridge and simultaneously prepare the site for a future dental implant.

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