Advanced Diagnostics & Treatment Planning in Tamarac

Dr. Levine showing patient

Dr. Levine provides expert diagnosis and treatment planning for all types of oral health conditions, including complex cases.

Complex Dental Problems That Are Not Resolving?

We provide expert evaluation and treatment planning using advanced 3D diagnostics

Dr. Levine with 3D CT Scanner

We use a state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner for accurate diagnosis of complex dental problems.

Do you have complex dental problems and want to know how they can be effectively taken care of? We can provide you with advanced diagnostics, a thorough oral health evaluation and an effective treatment plan. If you have your own dentist but your difficulties are not resolving, you can come to us for a full assessment and treatment plan. The treatment can be performed by any dentist you choose.

As a periodontist, Dr. Levine is a dental specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of the gum and bone tissues surrounding teeth. He expertly assess and plan treatment for a wide variety of oral health conditions, even the most complex cases. Dr. Levine uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to discover any hidden, underlying issues that may be at the root of your difficulties.

Experienced, Skilled Dental Specialist

Dr. Levine has been a periodontist since 1973. In addition to serving his patients in private practice for over 40 years, he is also a former assistant professor and instructor in periodontics at three Florida universities. He continues to instruct his fellow practitioners in periodontal subjects as a Florida dental continuing education provider.

We have always made it a priority to implement the latest technical developments as they become available. Dr. Levine makes diagnoses that are accurate and complete, and they provide patients with the least invasive treatment and most dependable results.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics Using Our High-Tech 3D CT Scanner

Carestream 8100-imageDr. Levine performs a comprehensive visual and tactile examination. He obtains full digital X-rays and uses our cone beam 3D CT scanner as a key diagnostic tool to provide insights not available through any other means. The scanner takes a series of digital images in a 360-degree circle around your head. These are then computer-processed into crisp, high-resolution 3D views of your teeth, jaws and surrounding structures.

The images can be magnified and viewed from any angle, allowing the doctor to see fine anatomical detail from any perspective. He closely observes the volume and density of the jawbone surrounding your teeth and the condition of the teeth themselves. He can clearly see the size and shape of your sinuses, signs of any infection present, and the exact relationship of your upper and lower jaws. This range and precision of information allows him to assess your situation thoroughly and accurately without the need for invasive exploratory procedures.

Detailed Custom Treatment Plans

Dr. Levine will present you with his findings and a detailed treatment plan. He will go over what is needed to resolve your situation, and your treatment options. He will explain the procedures involved and answer your questions in terms that you can understand.

We would be happy to take care of your treatment, but you are free to use any practitioner. We will send your diagnostic records and your doctor’s evaluation and treatment plan to the dentist of your choice. We are very familiar with the strengths of the different dentists in the area, and we can recommend a practitioner who would best suit your needs.

Outpatient CT Scans

You can visit us and obtain a dental 3D CT scan by itself, with no evaluation or treatment plan. We provide this service for patients who are receiving diagnostic exams in another dental office where no CT scanner is available. We will take the scan and forward it to your dentist.

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