Oral Pathology in Tamarac

doctor showing patient the lights used to detect oral

Dr. Levine uses the high-tech Identafi® oral cancer screening system to check for any abnormalities in your oral tissues.

Expert Detection and Treatment of Oral Tissue Abnormalities

Dr. Levine thoroughly inspect patients’ oral tissues for signs of disease, including oral cancer, as a fundamental element of their exams and treatment. He performs these evaluations periodically on all of his patients to ensure that any ailment that has newly arisen is caught early and effectively treated.

He takes fast action on any detected abnormality to ensure your oral health is preserved.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Dr. Levine has received extensive education in oral medicine and oral biology as part of his periodontal specialist training. He has been in practice as a periodontist since 1973 and is very knowledgeable and experienced in detecting the symptoms of oral disease and oral cancer.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Signs of oral cancer include the following:

  • Unusual growths or lumps in your soft oral tissues, tongue or gums
  • A bleeding ulcer in the mouth that has not healed for several weeks
  • Bluish-gray, red or white spots in your mouth that do not go away when rubbed
  • Pain or difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking
  • Hoarseness which has lasted a long time
  • Numbness in the oral region of the face
  • A recent rapid shift of tooth position that has changed your bite

High-Tech Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Levine uses the Identafi® oral cancer screening system to detect any abnormal tissues, including precancerous or cancerous growths. The Identafi device has three different colors of light that are shined into the mouth.

These different lights can reveal irregularities that are not visible to the naked eye. With the Identafi system, the doctors zero in on any abnormality and determine if it shows signs of serious disease or oral cancer. Tissues suspected of being cancerous or precancerous can then be sampled and sent for analysis.

Annual evaluation

We do a follow-up screening with the Identafi system every year for all patients 17 and older.

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