Crown Lengthening in Tamarac

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Skilled Functional Crown Lengthening

The crown of a tooth is the visible part of the tooth that shows above the gumline. Sometimes, some of the gum and bone tissue around the tooth needs to be removed so that other procedures, such as placing a dental crown or filling a cavity, can be performed.

This procedure is known as crown lengthening, because many times the teeth will appear longer after removing some bone and repositioning the gums.

Expert, minimally invasive and efficient treatment

Dr. Levine is highly skilled at exposing crowns when needed. He makes the procedure minimally invasive by using a dental laser whenever possible. Laser incisions are more precise and heal faster than incisions made with traditional surgical instruments.

Dr. Levine maximizes efficiency by having two or three assistants helping at all times during the procedure. Team assistance enables him to perform treatment in less time. Reduced treatment time means less discomfort and swelling, allowing patients to heal more quickly. Patients spend less time in the chair, so they are more comfortable.

Functional Crown Lengthening to Assist Other Treatments

When a broken or severely decayed tooth needs a restorative dental crown, enough of the natural crown has to be exposed to be able to place the restoration properly. Inadequate exposure can cause the new crown to irritate the gums or cut into the gumline and cause pain or bleeding.

Dr. Levine will gently adjust the gumline and resculpt the gum, tooth and bone surfaces as needed so the restoration will fit securely. He uses a technique known as “biologic shaping,” wherein all the tissues are reshaped in such a way that the tooth often does not appear longer. This makes the final result lifelike and aesthetic.

There are also times when a cavity forms partially or completely below the gumline. Dr. Levine will gently adjust the gum tissue and bone to expose the cavity, so it can be effectively treated.

Cosmetic Crown Lengthening to Fix a Gummy Smile

Crown lengthening is also used for certain cosmetic gum treatments. One example of this is correcting a “gummy smile.” In a gummy smile, the gums and bone cover too much of the teeth, making the teeth appear short and the gums look predominant. This is often more than just a cosmetic problem, as the overgrowth of gum and bone tissue makes it harder to keep the teeth clean or treat cavities or decay.

Dr. Levine can sculpt away excess tissue covering your teeth, exposing the full length of the crowns and giving you a gumline that is aesthetic and much easier to keep healthy. He can also improve your smile by recontouring any uneven gum around your teeth, so that your gum line is even and symmetrical.

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