Periodontal Maintenance in Tamarac

hygienists with patient

Our friendly hygienists will help maintain your oral health with thorough cleanings and home oral care assistance.

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy After Treatment

Once your gum disease treatment is complete, our experienced hygienists will ensure your oral health is maintained with thorough cleanings and home oral care assistance. Gum disease is persistent and can return easily if not addressed with adequate and effective maintenance care. It takes the continuous removal of bacteria to prevent future build-up of the plaque and calculus that cause infection.

Dr. Levine will determine the frequency of your cleaning appointments based on your individual needs. He will give your hygienist any special instructions needed to ensure your care effectively addresses all concerns.

Highly skilled and friendly care

Our hygienists are very friendly and will make you feel at home when you come to see them. They are also exceptionally skilled. Dr. Levine has personally trained them in advanced techniques to maximize their effectiveness in keeping your gum disease at bay. These techniques also help make your care very comfortable.

Gentle and Thorough Cleanings

hygienists showing patient scaler

Our hygienists use an ultrasonic scaler to provide thorough, gentle cleanings.

Our hygienists provide thorough and gentle cleanings using an ultrasonic scaler in combination with traditional hand instruments. Ultrasonic scalers use high-frequency vibrations to dislodge and remove accumulated bacterial deposits on your teeth. The vibrations also kill the bacteria, which greatly increases the thoroughness of the cleaning. Ultrasonic scalers clean deeper and faster than traditional hand scaling instruments and are more comfortable for patients.

After your cleaning is done, our hygienists will, as needed, gently smooth the tooth surfaces under your gumline. Smooth surfaces make it difficult for bacteria to attach and multiply.

Cleaning around dental implants

Oral health maintenance includes effective cleaning around any dental implants, a procedure which requires particular skills and equipment. Our hygienists use specialized hand instruments to effectively remove plaque and calculus around implants without scratching the implant surfaces. This prevents the formation of rough surfaces where bacteria could easily accumulate.

Dental jet spray cleans hard-to-remove stains

Cavitron Jet PlusAfter full cleaning with the ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments, our hygienists use a dental jet spray device, a Prophy-Jet®, for final cleaning and polishing. The Prophy-Jet shoots a high-pressure mix of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water to remove stains from smoking, coffee and other hard-to-clean substances that cannot be removed with other instruments.

Check-up exam at the end of your cleaning

Dr. Levine will examine you at the end of every hygiene maintenance appointment to check on your progress. After the exam he will make recommendations, as needed, to keep your oral health well-maintained.

Home Oral Care

Your home oral care is as vital to preventing your gum disease from recurring as your professional maintenance cleanings. Using models and demonstrations, we will thoroughly educate you in using effective techniques to keep your teeth and gums in top condition.


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