Laser Therapy for All Ages

….from 2 days old to 100 years young!

Laser Therapy if a wonderful alternative, especially for patients experiencing significant dental anxiety, fears, or phobias. The combination of laser therapy & IV sedation would be ideal.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 Benefits of Choosing Laser Therapy:

1. Treat periodontial pockets, bone loss & infection.

2. Many times without local anesthesia (shots).

3. No need for a scalpel.

4. Many times sutures (stitches) are not needed.

5. Reshape gummy smiles & create attractive smiles.

6. Assist in surgery for gum recession.

7. Treat problems around implants.

8. Low level laser therapy for biostimulation & maximize healing.

9. Lip tie releases.

10. Tongue tie releases.

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