Smile…It’s a New Year!

here's to more smiles in 2015

Modern dental medicines & technologies allow us to offer our patients optimal care, with little to no discomfort.

What’s new for 2015 that will allow us to continue to provide the best possible care of our patients?

Our cone beam CT provides us with the ultimate precision for diagnosis, treatment planning, periodontal surgery, bone grafting, augmentation of ridges/sinuses and implant procedures.

Our laser has enabled us to treat patients of all ages, ranging from two days old to almost 100 years young. We are able to treat periodontal diseases with the use of this laser, many times without a scalpel, sutures, sometimes no anesthesia and almost always no discomfort.

PerioDerm, our acellular dermal graft material, allows us to perform all types of soft tissue grafting without using a palatal donor. In addition, it provides an unlimited supply of tissue with excellent functional and aesthetic results.

Growth factors enhance healing for all procedures. We utilize PRP/PPP and LPRF to enhance healing. We utilize these growth factors both periodontal procedures, ridge and sinus augmentations and implant placements.

IV conscious sedation allows even the most anxious patient to have a pleasant experience with us. It is not unusual for patient to state that they think they’ve been here 10 minutes after we completed our surgical procedures.

Patient financing makes ideal therapy affordable for almost all patients. Plans are available to allow them to pay for care even up to 7 years.

Complimentary evaluations, consultations and digital images for both our periodontal and implant patients have removed the financial barrier for patients to be able to learn about their conditions and options for care. Our present plan is to continue this for 2015.

We look forward to educating and treating our patients with the highest quality of dental care in the coming year. Call us today to schedule your complimentary appointment, and start your year off with a healthy smile!954 603-8728.