The Aging Smile

Couple smiling

It is important for our patients to understand that dental diseases, both decay and periodontal disease, can have a devastating effect not only on their dental health but also their medical health and appearance.

Untreated periodontal disease and not replacing missing teeth, could cause physical, emotional and aesthetic changes for our patients. As the disease progresses, teeth shift, become mobile and spaces develop.

The lips become more flaccid and flat as we age. This is more pronounced in patients without a solid and complete dentition. The face will lose its fullness as teeth are lost.

Without teeth, the bone will deteriorate. This could necessitate grafting of the ridges and sinuses if patients want to have dental implants to support prostheses. It is much simpler to keep teeth or replace teeth before this occurs.

All of these changes are obvious to us as dental professionals. We do, however, make sure to educate our patients of the aesthetic changes, the aging smile, that result from untreated disease and not replacing missing teeth.

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